My Story

My Scentsy story begins with my father’s cat. While on vacation, my in-laws cat-sat for Hyacinth, my dad’s long-haired feline. My mother-in-law is (WAS, thanks to Scentsy!) a candle junky, and this poor cat walked right over one of her candles, leaving Hyacinth with an almost-bald belly and that horrible burned-hair stench in the air!  I knew this accident could have been much worse. I decided then and there to rid my home of candles.

After ditching candles, I got sick of the waste of singed plug ins and the constant squirting of room sprays. Thank goodness I found Scentsy! My home and office now smell great all day and there is no worry of my daughters (or the cat!) knocking a candle over, them burning themselves with the flame, or us forgetting to blow out a candle. The most exciting part? After just nine months I became a Scentsy Director with a fantastic team! 


And I have to mention the wonderful opportunities available! Scentsy offers each consultant a low start-up cost, a great commission package, fabulous vacations, and the chance to be your OWN BOSS!   Contact me today to find out how you can join me on this exciting Scentsy journey and most importantly—BE WICK FREE!!!